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✋ Pause recording during your calls

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Shared by Alitu • May 31, 2024

You've asked for it and it's finally here! Pause your calls to take a break and save yourself the editing time after. Available in your Studio today.

Thanks to all of you who requested this feature ❤️

We really value your feedback and it has helped us build this feature. If you've got a moment, tell us what you'd like us to work on next:

Create Podcast Clips with Alitu

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Shared by Alitu • May 07, 2024

Hi there!

Today we're launching a new tool to help you extract great clips from your show. You can use it to hook your listeners early with a cold open or to tease your episode on social media platforms. Let's dive in!

How does it work? 🤔

You can extract clips from any audio you upload to Alitu. Just open the editor, select the Clip tool and highlight your soundbite.

All your clips live in the Library 💾

From there, they can be downloaded and turned into promotional material on social media. Or re-used in your next episode!

Create a cold open in two clicks 🥶

Many podcasters start their episodes with a funny or attention-grabbing clip, called a cold open, to hook listeners early. Alitu makes that easy.

Choose your perfect part and check the "Add to start of this episode" box — Alitu will handle the rest!

We hope this new feature will make your podcasting life a little better. And, as always, if you have any feedback or further questions, just hit the chat bubble. We love to hear from you. 💜

New: Magic Filters 🌟 Remove ums, ahs, breaths & dead air, Automatically!

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Shared by Alitu • April 02, 2024

This is our next-gen take on audio editing in Alitu, where the waveform and text live side by side. Enjoy full-screen transcript editing and more space for your audio on smaller laptops. And that's just the start!

Remove ums, ahs and dead air. Automatically.

With filters in the new editor, you can slash your editing time in half (or more!). Remove any filler words and pauses with a click of a button.

And, if we ever remove too much, you can always undo any wrong cut. Unlike a lot of apps which claim to remove your filler words, in Alitu your audio stays safe. You always have full creative control, and can review every edit if you choose to.

Thanks to all of you requesting this feature ❤️

We're so grateful for all of you ​voting on what to build next​. And we can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new filters. Try them out today!

Take a deep breath. It's all good.

You can now make your audio sound even more professional by silencing those breathy inhale sounds. Keen to try? Just head over to Settings > Audio Preferences and enable "Remove breath sounds."

And click here if you missed our recent ​summary on other changes to the editor.​ That's all for now. Stay tuned!

Video Calling is now Available in Studio 🙋🏻‍♂️

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Shared by Alitu • March 25, 2024

We know you like to record remote calls in Alitu, and video calling should make this even better. Now, you can not only hear each other, but also see your guests! Just to make the calls a little warmer.

You can try it out today. Just go to your studio and choose your webcam.

🎥 Video Recording is Coming Soon!

And, if you're into video podcasts, we are also working on video recording. It will come later this year and allow you to download each participant's video after the call. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you requesting this feature ❤️

We can't wait to hear what you'd like us to build next.

Sneak peek at the new audio editor

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Shared by Alitu • March 19, 2024

Below is a short video on improvements that are coming to the Alitu Editor on Apr, 2nd.

A new look and a better experience.

What's new?

New filters for ums, ahs and silences

Alitu is now able to detect any disfluencies and dead air in your speech. Filters allow you to remove this type of audio automatically.

This means Alitu can help you make cuts and dramatically decrease editing time. And! You can restore or adjust those edits if we ever remove too much.

Full-screen transcript editor

If you prefer to make your broad edits in the transcript first, you can now expand it to cover your entire screen.

We've also made more space for it alongside the waveform. This means easier editing on laptops and more space on bigger screens.

What's the same?

Make cuts as you normally would. Click and drag to remove a mistake. That stays the same.

Splitting works as before. Place your playhead in the right place and click "Split."

Export edited audio to Library like previously. You can still click this button if you want to re-use your edited audio elsewhere.


Folders – Stay Organised

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Shared by Alitu • February 26, 2024

Hi there! It's Peter again and I'm back with another update. New to Alitu are... Folders 🎉

You asked, we listened, and now it's here! Staying organised is often the most overlooked aspect of podcasting. But as your podcast grows, it becomes more and more important. Today we will show you...

How to organise your files into Folders

You can easily group your existing audio into folders by selecting them and clicking: Move to folder > New folder. Here's how:

And how to stay organised

Keeping tidy going forward becomes easy too as you can upload files directly into designated folders. See it in action:

Additional updates:

  • 🏁 Improvement: we've greatly decreased the loading times in My Library. That means your files load faster even if you have a lot of them. Less waiting, more podcasting.
  • 👉 Bug fix: we've fixed a bug where files you selected on the previous page of your Library would sometimes get unselected.
Product update

See all your transitions at a glance

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Shared by Alitu • November 30, 2023

Alitu will now show you a little dot inside the transition button. The dot lets you know there's a transition between your audio clips. Useful to ensure all your transitions are in the right place, before you hit 'Build.'

Try it for yourself and let us know your thoughts 😊

Product update

Set default transition for intros & outros

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Shared by Alitu • November 30, 2023

Alitu can now remember the transition settings you used last time, so you don't have to set them again!

When you create a new episode, it'll include your default episode intro & outro PLUS the transitions and fade that you set on them last time.

So now, there are even fewer clicks required to go from hitting 'new episode' to getting in published.

See how it works in action:

We hope this will help you save time while making your episodes and would love to hear what you think.

Feature update

Bookmark or Pin your favourite files

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Shared by Alitu • November 14, 2023

Hey there,

We are making it easier to add a bit of organisation to your "My library".

You can now bookmark or pin your favourites and they will appear at the top of your library everytime.

Really handy if you use use the same files for creating your podcast episodes.


Product update

Your Library is getting a lot better!

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Shared by Alitu • November 14, 2023

20th October 2023

Hi there,

We are redesigning the Library to help you find the right file faster. It's easier than ever to rename your clip, change the audio type (advert, music...) and delete what's not needed. Regardless of where you are in the app

No need to go back and forth between your episode and the Library. You can now rename & delete files straight from the Episode Builder. Staying organised has never been this easy. Give it a go next time and let us know what you think!