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Sneak peek at the new audio editor

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Shared by Alitu • March 19, 2024

Below is a short video on improvements that are coming to the Alitu Editor on Apr, 2nd.

A new look and a better experience.

What's new?

New filters for ums, ahs and silences

Alitu is now able to detect any disfluencies and dead air in your speech. Filters allow you to remove this type of audio automatically.

This means Alitu can help you make cuts and dramatically decrease editing time. And! You can restore or adjust those edits if we ever remove too much.

Full-screen transcript editor

If you prefer to make your broad edits in the transcript first, you can now expand it to cover your entire screen.

We've also made more space for it alongside the waveform. This means easier editing on laptops and more space on bigger screens.

What's the same?

Make cuts as you normally would. Click and drag to remove a mistake. That stays the same.

Splitting works as before. Place your playhead in the right place and click "Split."

Export edited audio to Library like previously. You can still click this button if you want to re-use your edited audio elsewhere.