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Folders – Stay Organised

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Shared by Alitu • February 26, 2024

Hi there! It's Peter again and I'm back with another update. New to Alitu are... Folders 🎉

You asked, we listened, and now it's here! Staying organised is often the most overlooked aspect of podcasting. But as your podcast grows, it becomes more and more important. Today we will show you...

How to organise your files into Folders

You can easily group your existing audio into folders by selecting them and clicking: Move to folder > New folder. Here's how:

And how to stay organised

Keeping tidy going forward becomes easy too as you can upload files directly into designated folders. See it in action:

Additional updates:

  • 🏁 Improvement: we've greatly decreased the loading times in My Library. That means your files load faster even if you have a lot of them. Less waiting, more podcasting.
  • 👉 Bug fix: we've fixed a bug where files you selected on the previous page of your Library would sometimes get unselected.