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Duplicate your Episodes

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Shared by Alitu • November 14, 2023

11th August 2023

Hi there,

Help, I'm seeing double! Duplicate any episode

With this new update, we are bringing you a way to quickly duplicate any of your episodes. Just click this button 👇

Enter a new name and an exact copy will appear in your My Episodes page! All your intro music, transitions and fades will still be there

Create a Template
If your show follows a standard format, the new duplication feature is for you. It allows you to re-use and build on existing episodes. Let's say some of your episodes follow a 'Ask Mike' format. In those episodes you have a special jingle set up and custom tr ansitions throughout.

You can now create a template-style episode for this format and duplicate it for every 'Ask Mike' episode. This can save you a lot of time as all you have to do is add your recordings and hit 'Build episode'.

That way, you could have your next episode ready in minutes! Try it out! We hope this will speed up your workflow and would love to hear your thoughts!