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Your "New" Recording Studio

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Shared by Alitu • November 14, 2023

06th October 2023

Hi there,

The call recorder has had a facelift and some new features have been added to make it even easier to make scheduling, hosting and managing your calls simpler.

🎤 Start Recording when everyone is ready

You now have more control over the start and end of your recording. You can start recording immediately (for great behind the scenes content) or only hit the button after you have a 'welcome' chat with your guests

👀 Everything where you'd expect it to be

We made sure that all the buttons you use most often (like mute and unmute) are always on hand. And the new call screen aims to keep you informed rather than overwhelmed.

🗨️ In call- chat function

Whether you use it to send a link to interview notes or send funny comments during the call, chat is always useful. And in this update the experience got a little bit better. Send links, use emojis, all in a new, cleaner interface

🏵️ Easier access to settings (before and after the call)

Swapping to different microphone or headphones got easier too. You can now help your guests pick the right mic during your call – and before you start recording. Swap between external headphones or mics with ease and make sure the mic is picking you up well.

👥Your studio is now branded with your name

if you're named Alitu, like us, your guests will now see 'Alitu's studio' everywhere as soon as they arrive. All this to make the entire experience a bit more inviting. A warmer welcome!